[Meta] How to Publish

by 🤐 Anonymous, February 25, 2018

Welcome to Bits, GUMAD's tech blog. "Bits" is designed for small articles that explain complicated tech topics. The idea is to be axios but instead of talking about capitalism we talk about CAP theorem.

Articles must be fewer than 150 words.

Brevity breeds quality. Code doesn't count. We may increase the size in the future.

Write your articles in markdown, send a PR to submit.

Markdown is Github-friendly and gets converted into HTML by our site.

If you'd like to submit an article, add a .md document to src/posts. It must have a header at the top in the form:

path: "/my-article-title"
date: "2017-07-12T17:12:33.962Z"
title: "My Article Title"
author: "John Doe"
author_link: "http://example.com"

author_link is optional.

Dates must be in ISO 8601 format. We will hopefully make that part easier.

When you're finished, send a pull request to the repo.

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